【No.60】J Camp 20+1 year anniversary – Message from Mike Frogley (20+1周年にあたって、マイク・フログリーからのメッセージ)

Japan Camp 20th Anniversary


I want to pass along my thoughts to all those who have helped with J Camp since that very first camp just over 20 years ago.


I can remember that first camp like it was yesterday. I remember the athletes and the commitment and focus they had taking notes while I taught, but the fun they had as we played and began to grow the game in Japan. I remember all the staff and their absolute commitment to making it the best camp for the athletes. And I remember the person who sat down with me to share his vision for Japanese wheelchair basketball. I remember meeting so many people and how committed they were to not just making it a great camp, but their commitment to the greater vision of what the sport could be and what it could do for people in Japan.


When we look at where wheelchair basketball is in Japan, we can see how those efforts have come to fruition.


So, on this 20th anniversary, I hope that each person that was at that first camp takes a moment to pause and look back. Picture the athletes, coaches, and staff at the camps over the years. See them at that camp, working hard, playing hard and having fun. Know that as you look back and picture those people in your mind, you changed the life of those people. That was a moment in their lives that they will never forget. That is a moment that made their life better.


So, as you look back, whether by yourself or with others from J Camp, pause and smile, and know that your effort was worth it.


And from me personally, thank you to every one of the people who went to J Camp over the years. I am pausing and smiling right now.




(翻訳協力  河原あゆ)

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Jキャンプスタッフ、通訳・国際事業担当。 日本にて車椅子バスケ各種大会や車椅子バスケ、車椅子ラグビーなどのキャンプで通訳として活動したあと渡米。 イリノイ大学大学院でスポーツマネージメントを専攻しつつ、同大車椅子バスケ部のマネージャー、アシスタントコーチをつとめる。 2008年夏に卒業後、現在はカナダ・バンクーバーのBC Wheelchair Basketball Societyにてプログラムコーディネーターとして働く。 また、これまでも趣味としてプレーをしてきたが、障害が無くとも公式戦に出場ができるカナダでプレーヤーとして活動しはじめる。 2011年に行われたU25女子世界選手権大会には日本代表チームのACとして参加。